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Hardwired GPS vehicle tracker

Hardwired GPS vehicle tracker

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SIM Card

This GPS tracker is powered by the vehicle battery. There is no need to retrieve it for regular charging. Once installed, it will send the vehicle location to your online account (accessible by smartphone, tablet and computer) when the vehicle is in motion.  It is supplied with an international SIM card (one year data included and 2 year optional) for unlimited tracking. 

Stolen vehicle recovery:

It is a low cost, but efficient solution to recover a stolen vehicle. Even if the vehicle battery is disconnected, the tracker has its own backup battery allowing a precise localisation and recovery.

Its compact size (65*24*13 mm) makes it easy to conceal. It comes with a positive connection (red cable) and a negative connection (black cable). It has a small back up battery in case of power loss. It is protected by its own fuse. It accepts a voltage from 9V to 90V DC.


It is suitable for any vehicle with a battery. The list is very long and not limited to: car, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, quad, tractor, boat, jet-ski, classic car…

Peace of mind:

The powerful options allow the user to set alarms to suit any needs The alarms are easy to set up and can be deactivated and activated in seconds via the App.

The alarm list includes:

  • Vehicle in motion
  • Entering and/or leaving an area (Geofence)
  • Over-speed alarm (Versus a set speed limit)
  • Power cut off


As you only need the positive and the negative to connect, it is straightforward and it can be done quickly. Nevertheless we strongly recommend that you ask your local mechanic to install the tracker.


    SIM Card

    All our trackers are fitted with an international SIM card. Before shipping, the settings are done and the product is tested. We use a special M2M (connection machine to machine) SIM card which will select the best local network. One year subscription is included and renewal is a low 29.95 euros for 12 months.

    Tech Data & dimensions

    • Size: 65*24*13 mm
    • Weight: Approx 20 grams
    • Backup battery: 100 mAh
    • Input voltage: From 9VDC to 90VDC
    • GSM Frequency: 2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    • GPS Accuracy: from 5 metres or more in the open (depending the antenna position on the vehicle)

    SIM card coverage

    Coverage in more than 150 countries

    Included in the delivery

    • One GPS-HW-07 vehicle tracker + SIM Card
    • One wiring loom
    • One retail box
    • Instruction manual (PDF)
    • Connection credentials to the online tracking platform

    Shipping & Returns

    • Shipping from the Republic of Ireland
    • We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

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