Protecting The Things You Value

We provide a comprehensive range of ready to use, out of the box tracking
solutions in the form of personal, assets and vehicle GPS trackers for real
time tracking from your phone. Our CCTV range is composed of easy to install wireless
cameras with live viewing and alert on your phone.

How It works

We provide a comprehensive selection of live GPS trackers for securing your assets and vehicles. Our CCTV camera range is controlled from your phone for live alert and real time viewing. All our equipment is selected for their ease of use, performance, affordability.

Our GPS trackers and CCTV cameras are connected. They can be monitored and controlled from your phone, tablet or computer.

Easy to use our products are made to make your life simpler, not to give you headaches!!!

24/7: Our cameras and GPS trackers are always ON. They do not rest or take a break. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Affordability: Easy to install and run, there is no hidden cost. Our trackers are supplied with a SIM card and 1 year data included. 12 month renewal is a low 29.95 euros. Our CCTV cameras are ready to use without extra needed.

What we do?

Security made simple!
Our solutions will help you to protect your loved ones and secure your assets. All our products have been selected for their performances, affordability, ease of use and simple installation.

  • Vehicle GPS trackers

    Our vehicle GPS trackers are essential to keep track of a vehicle.
    GPS trackers can track your vehicle and help for a fast recovery if stolen with live real time tracking and monitoring from your phone.

    Vehicle GPS Trackers 
  • CCTV Cameras

    Our CCTV camera will help you to secure your property and assets.
    With real time viewing and live alarm on your phone, you can reinforce the security of your family, your livelihood and your assets.

    CCTV Cameras 
  • Personal GPS trackers

    Our personal GPS trackers will bring an extra security in your daily activities.
    Our personal GPS trackers will help to locate an isolated person in case of accident or problem during their activity (hiking, cycling, jogging, farming...)