Outdoor activities

We provide a comprehensive range of easy to use personal trackers to stay safe during outdoor activities.

The joy of getting away from everything into the wilderness can sometimes become the problem that you’re away from everything. In case of emergency, how can anyone find you?

Staying healthy by running, cycling and exercising in the wonderful environment is your joy. We know that. But we want you to stay safe too.

In case of emergency you can normally raise the alarm on your phone. However, there are four possible problems with this: your normal service provider might not be reachable, the phone might get damaged or lost in the emergency, the phone might run out of battery (location tracking is very heavy on battery), or you might not be in a position to call for help if you’re knocked out.
Our motto is Security Made Simple. All fun and no fretting.

Our solution:
Our personal trackers solve all these issues. You simply turn them on, put them in a pocket, and enjoy your day out. The tracker will always have your exact location and when you don’t come back in time, your friends/family know to raise the alarm, and even more, where to find you. This works even if you’re not in a position to manually raise the alarm.

Our personal trackers are fitted with an international SIM card which is compatible with every Irish and European network (EU, UK, Switzerland, Eastern Europe…) and more than 110 countries worldwide so it works for your adventures abroad too. The tracker will lock onto any available network so you are not limited to your own network being available this far from civilisation.
With our personal trackers, simply enjoy your adventure without worry to you or your loved ones.

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