Boating and water sports

We provide a comprehensive range of easy to use tracking solutions for your boats, jet-skis, trailers... in the form of powerful and compact GPS trackers with real time tracking and monitoring through the internet.

The Irish waterways and seashores offer great opportunity for sailing, yachting, boating but also for a wealth of water sport activities (jet-ski, angling/fishing, water skiing…).
But your boat, canoe, jet-ski, trailers… are also potential target for thieves. Boat can be victim of burglary of their fitting and accessories. And all can be stolen. Most will be stored away from your eyes between uses.

We have different solutions for your boat and water sport equipment to keep them safe and ready to be enjoyed again.

Our solutions:

Our GPS tracker range offers different models with long life batteries (up to few months in standby) which will alert you immediately on your phone in case of a movement (exiting a pre-defined area). Some are small enough to be hidden inside an outboard engine. And live tracking means that you can quickly locate the stolen asset and inform the Police of its exact location.

We have also a range of CCTV cameras which can monitor your boat, canoe, jet-ski… and alert you on your phone in case of a trespasser/thief. For harbour situation we have also 4G enabled covert cameras with long life battery which can be hidden inside your boat. Any break-in will trig an immediate notification on your phone and live remote viewing.
Feel free to call us for any specific request/need and we will happy to discuss with you.