Motorcycle Owners

Motorbikes are a wonderful hobby and/or mode of transport. Nipping through traffic, zipping along country roads. In many ways they’re the perfect mode of transport.

Unfortunately, thieves can find them perfect too. Motorbikes are easier to steal than cars; there’s no need to break windows or pick door locks. Unlike cars, motorbikes can be easily lifted onto a trailer or into a van and just taken away. A good bike lock and other such measures can help to an extent. But are they enough?
We offer solutions to help protect your motorbike from theft, and/or recover it quickly if it is taken.

Our solutions:
We have two solutions to help you keep your motorbike safe.

The first is GPS trackers. We offer two kinds: either hard-wired into the bike’s engine so they never need charging, or battery-operated which are easier to install. The batteries last for weeks and will let you know by phone app when they’re running low. Both trackers are small and discreet, and easy to hide on your motorbike.
The second solution is CCTV cameras to keep an eye on your motorbike whenever you like. These CCTV cameras will also notify you if someone comes near your motorbike.
If you are not sure which type of tracker and/or CCTV system would be the most suitable for your needs, give us a ring and we will be pleased to help you..
Our other option is a CCTV camera so you can monitor your car whenever you like, and even better, this CCTV will notify you by app if anyone enters your garage or driveway..
Feel free to call us for any specific request/need and we will happy to discuss with you.