Protecting your family car

For many people, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity.

Commuting to work, school runs, getting groceries, family trips, taxi to the kids, going to sports training and much more: cars are the way we manage our family, professional and social lives.

The problem is that cars are often popular targets for theft. And yes, insurance will cover the loss, but usually only some of the value, plus all the hassle of doing the paperwork. And then you have the time-suck of shopping around for a new car, and how do you do that without a car to get to the car dealers in!
We offer you solutions to protect your car from theft in the first place.

Our solutions:

The first is a GPS tracker which can either be hardwired into the vehicle battery, or long-life battery GPS trackers: the battery will last for weeks between charges, and even notify you by phone app when it is low. These GPS trackers will tell you, by phone notification, whenever the car moves outside your designated area, so you can alert the Gardaí immediately and tell them where the car is (you can see it move in real time) so they can recover the car. The GPS trackers come with one year’s SIM which is valid all over Europe and many countries around the world.
Our other option is a CCTV camera so you can monitor your car whenever you like, and even better, this CCTV will notify you by app if anyone enters your garage or driveway..
Feel free to call us for any specific request/need and we will happy to discuss with you.