Protecting your farming equipment

As a farmer, you have enough to be doing without also worrying about the safety of your expensive assets. Our GPS trackers and CCTV systems take that worry off your shoulders, giving you peace of mind.

With larger farms, and more diverse equipment, your machinery might well be spread far over your land, so that you cannot physically keep an eye on it. And the thieves know this too, leaving your equipment vulnerable. But not anymore. Let our GPS trackers and CCTV systems be your eyes, working 24/7 for you.
Our GPS trackers and CCTV systems are a very small cost compared to the cost of replacing your stolen assets. Think of it like insurance: a small investment to protect a much larger one.

When we speak of your assets, we mean not just your tractors, but all the attachments too, as these are the favorite targets of thieves. Attachments like spreaders, tillers, sprayers, forks, boxes, mowers, diggers, planters, ploughs and so on, are easy to steal due to their more manageable style, and easier for the thieves to anonymise for fast and discreet resale. This all makes it almost impossible for you to get them safely back, leaving you out of pocket for thousands.

Consider your trailers too. A few thousand euros of your money is sitting there unprotected. And trailers are far too easy for thieves to hook to their vehicle and

be gone in only a few minutes, never to be seen again.

And more: many farms nowadays have quads, and other portable equipment such as power generators, compressors, drills and so on. And likewise, these are favourite targets for thieves as they are so easily taken, and they have very good no-questions-asked resale value either for parts or as the whole item.
A Small Cost Compared to the Cost of Replacing a Stolen Asset.

View our GPS trackers and CCTV systems and protect you assets today!
Our solution:

Our trackers can protect anything you value: your tractors, the tractor attachments, quads, trailers, and much more. If required, talk to us about volume discounts. All our battery-operated trackers have a long-life battery (up to months of standby) and will alert you when the battery is running low. Our other trackers can be wired into items with an engine such as tractors and quads.

These trackers will notify you if the item moves out of the area you designate.

As you will see on our About Us page, we have been selling GPS trackers in Ireland since 2002, based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. We know our products thoroughly and always make sure to advise you on what is right for your specific circumstances. We stand over everything we sell.

Our CCTV cameras are simple, efficient and, above all, easy to install and to use. They are the perfect solution for remote monitoring of any area of your farm.
These cameras do require connection to both a mains power supply and WiFi internet. We can recommend cheap and efficient wireless options if Wifi is not available in your monitored area.
Contact us if you need any information.